I have been trying to write a few more blog posts – about my experience at the GCN Conference, TN applying to (and getting accepted by) colleges,  TN’s experience after being on testosterone for several months now….

But I can’t. 

My brain shuts down when I try to draft new blog posts. I struggle focusing. 

I have felt so overwhelmed since the presidential inauguration. And, no, I’m not some sad weak little snowflake. I’m just overwhelmed by news, social media posts, and what I think of all of it. It’s a lot to take in, digest, and understand. I want to avoid super biased media on both sides. I need to scroll past friend posts who seem to sit really far on either side. And I need to spend time researching and reading original documents (like the text of bills presented in my state and at the federal level) to make my own informed decisions. 

It takes a lot of time and energy to stay informed with correct unbiased information.  It also takes energy to make sure I am communicating my thoughts to my state and federal reps by email and phone. But I have to do these things since I have a kid (well “kid” in my eyes – he’s 18 years old now! LOL) who will be directly impacted if certain requirements are removed from the Affordable Care Act, if certain discrimination rules are removed (or not added), or if his future marriage plans become impossible because laws are repealed. 

I didn’t realize how much underlying stress I would feel after Trump took office. I mean, I sit comfortably in the middle politically so it’s not like I am anti-everything-republican. I’m all for a better economy, better job prospects for the low/mid-class, fixing healthcare costs to make it fair for all people, being stronger with illegals alien criminals, and I have no issue with people owning guns. However, I am definitely very socially liberal. I am Christian but I don’t want my country’s laws to be based on Christian values since not all citizens are Christian. Same sex marriage doesn’t hurt anyone so just leave it be. We should have anti-discrimination laws to protect our LGBT community along with the current protected classes. 

But, wow. Perhaps it’s because Trump is so knee jerk and hell bent on moving so fast. I see so many flaws in the execution of some changes – because he hasn’t let people think through things effectively. 

So I will definitely write more soon. I don’t want to get über focused on politics. I want to continue sharing my journey with my transgender son to help all of you on the same journey and some who just want to learn and understand. 

As my BFF always says, I need to take time to just breathe. I’m gonna breathe for a minute and then focus back on my posts.