His Mom's Journey

My journey with a transgender son

Experience With Our Kid’s School

When your child is different in any shape or form at school - learning issues, physical limitations, etc - it can cause stress.  Due to anxiety issues, we were very involved with TN's school since kindergarten.  We went to a... Continue Reading →


I have been trying to write a few more blog posts - about my experience at the GCN Conference, TN applying to (and getting accepted by) colleges,  TN's experience after being on testosterone for several months now.... But I can't. ... Continue Reading →

My Weekend at the Gay Christian Conference

I attended the The Gay Christian Network's annual conference in Pittsburgh last weekend. I am going to blog about it, but until I have the time, I wanted to share a blog post that my friend (who went with me) wrote about the... Continue Reading →

The Summer of Name & Gender Marker Changes

So in my last post 6 months ago, I said we were starting the process and waiting for the name change court order.  Surprisingly, we received it less than 2 weeks after we submitted it.  That was great news!  I've... Continue Reading →

The Name Change Begins

So I wrote a post months ago about the name and gender marker change process. It didn't happen back then because life got in the way but now we're doing it.    The first step is applying for the name... Continue Reading →

Moms of LBGTQ Children Sharing

I previously mentioned that I'm in a few private Facebook groups for parents of transgender kids.   One of those groups called "Serendipitydodah for Moms" 1000+ Christian moms of LBGTQ kids (and those kids ages range from elementary school to... Continue Reading →

The Coming Out Letter

In my last post about coming out publicly, I mentioned that I emailed a letter to family and friends.   I decided to take the approach of sending them a letter and THEN having conversations.  That would give them time... Continue Reading →

Coming Out Publicly…..

So how does one tell friends, neighbors, and family that their child is transgender?  That their child is biologically one thing but mentally another. A concept that is 100% foreign to 99% of the population today? How do you share,... Continue Reading →

Playing on the Boys Tennis Team

I wanted to share a great experience from this past week. When you have a transgender kid, you never know how people you meet will react.  TN came to me weeks ago saying he wanted to try out for the... Continue Reading →

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